Providing efficient, flexible flatbed trucking and logistics services.

We specialize in serving customer needs on irregular flatbed routes across the United States. We’re not limited to fixed traffic lanes – P&S delivers long-haul and regional service that no other trucking company can provide. Our network of terminals supports shippers at key locations in the Southeast, Northeast, Central and Western regions. And we can even manage your flatbed product logistics on-site.

Customers come to us for:

  • Construction: Materials for industrial, residential and commercial construction projects. Everything from lumber to wallboard.
  • Oil and gas: Steel pipe of all sizes, for domestic oil and gas exploration and production.
  • Steel: Steel coil, plates and structural steel, for the automotive and other industries.
  • Other: Water system pipe and more. Let us know about your specific needs.

Our main services are:

  • Flatbed freight transportation: Asset-based transportation, using employee and lease operator drivers on irregular routes. Nationwide service.
  • Supply chain services: Management of transportation and logistics activities, including managing smaller carriers and storage sites.
  • Freight brokerage: Matching customer loads with available carrier capacity.