Drive for Gold has been very successful as a multi-purpose web portal for drivers to utilize. Drive for Gold gives access to rewards, required training, and company leaderboards at the touch of a mouse.


Tips regarding Drive Cam Coachable Behaviors such as handheld cell phones, violations with seatbelts, following too close, speeding, obstructing the interior lens and judgment errors. We welcome all thoughts from drivers regarding coachable behaviors corrected through Drive Cam events.


This Veterans Day, we say “Thank You” to all Veterans and their families for your sacrifices. Two simple words, presented with the utmost honor and respect.


DriveCam triggering events include hard braking, hard acceleration, cornering and collisions. The following article touches on these events to help drivers understand each trigger and to help avoid setting off your DriveCam.


As a Safety-first company, P&S Transportation has been incorporating DriveCams into our fleet since 2013. There are many reasons that DriveCams have proven to be beneficial to drivers and carriers alike.


Sharing the road with semi’s is a daily reality. It requires a basic understanding of both his truck and trailer, as well as the space immediately around him. In this blog we will share first-hand input from truck drivers themselves and give you a unique view of your own car – from his seat.


Truck and trailer violations account for the majority of roadside violations and are often visually observed. They often lead to a more in-depth look at the driver and his vehicle once the stop has been made. Listed below are the three most...


Every good P&S Transportation driver knows that operating a CMV safely involves a wide range of knowledge which spans from carrying proper paper work, to abiding by hours of service laws, to proper freight securement, and managing time wisely for on-time deliveries. But ...


As a professional flatbed truck driver, you get a lot of sun exposure every day, and it’s mostly to the left side of your face and your left arm. Here are some common myths about sun damage, and tips to help prevent.


If the self-driving Google cars impressed you, get ready to be mind-blown. Daimler Trucks recently demonstrated the very first Mercedes-Benz self-driving prototype on a closed section of the German autobahn. Will these trucks replace drivers -- short answer is NO.


DAC reports contain your employment history, license verification and driving history, DOT physical results, and criminal background checks. They could also include additional information at the company’s request.


For many truck drivers, technology has greatly evolved and improved since they first began driving. Today, there are many types of useful tools and gadgets that a driver can take advantage of which make his day much easier. In this blog article, we will narrow our topic to 7 free smart phone apps.


Quality sleep is extremely important to a flatbed truck driver’s health and wellness. Everything you do during your waking hours is dependent on a good night’s sleep. Below we will detail some ways you can ensure that you get the best night’s sleep possible while over the road.


It can be challenging for flatbed truck drivers to eat healthy while over the road. In this article we will detail key ways in which you can modify your diet in order to optimize your health and feel your best. Often, this battle is won while shopping.


This year, inspectors will primarily be conducting Level 1 Inspections, which is the most thorough. It is a 37 step procedure that includes an examination of both the flatbed driver and the vehicle.


Ask anyone in the business, their answer is the same. A truck driver ALWAYS knows the best spots! Whether you want a good meal, a picture perfect sunset, the prettiest states to drive through or the scoop on unique roadside attractions, the truck drivers in your life will have something to offer you.


As an OTR flatbed truck driver, you face many challenges in maintaining your physical health. Here are some tips for finding a balance in exercise, eating healthy, restorative sleep and managing the mind.


Being a flatbed truck driver is a very different career choice from any other industry. As a Driver, you get to travel to more places than most other people will ever see. Sounds like a dream job...


In recent years, P&S Transportation, one of the nations largest flatbed trucking and logistics companies, has participated in the TACT Program in Alabama each year. The Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) program is a high—visibility traffic enforcement program that uses communication, enforcement, and evaluation activities to reduce CMV-related crashes, fatalities, and injuries.


Keeping our CSA scores compliant is integral to the continued success of our flatbed company. Compliance is everyone’s job. Please offer your thoughts below on how you stay compliant.


Operation Safe Driver aims to increase commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, seat belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections, driver regulatory compliance, and awareness to the motoring public about safe operations around commercial motor vehicles.


These are just a few safe winter driving tips. Please contribute your tips for safe winter driving below. The more ideas that are shared, the safer our roads will be!


Brake Safety week, held September 7-13 this year, is an annual outreach and enforcement campaign designed to improve commercial brake safety throughout North America. During the week-long brake safety campaign, CMV inspectors primarily conduct level IV Inspections on trucks and buses to identify out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations.


It is always costly when a driver receives roadside violations for Hours of Service. There are many different ways we can prevent these violations. While it starts with the drivers, the truth is that compliance is a collective effort across multiple departments at P&S Transportation.


It is October 2014 and the term “Electronic Logs” has long been a part of our lives in the flatbed transportation industry. In our own experience at P&S Transportation, there have been many challenges along the way, as well as many pleasant surprises. While opinions are still mixed on the subject, overall, there have been many notably positive changes to our company throughout this transition.


We’re celebrating you and your truck this month. So pull out your camera and capture your truck at its best. Do whatever you need to do (within the rules and regulations) to get the most friends and family to LIKE your truck photo….and the winners will reap the reward!