At P&S, we put drivers first.

Why choose P&S? Because we hire experienced flatbed drivers. And our drivers receive the respect, better pay, and higher support they deserve as being a part of the P&S family, as well as the new, clean and comfortable trucks they get to drive. But that’s not just our opinion. In a recent survey of flatbed drivers, nearly 90% confirmed that P&S pays better than other flatbed trucking companies and is better to work for.

P&S Drivers - Our #1 Asset

Our philosophy is to deliver GREAT for the drivers who deliver great for our customers. What does that mean for you?

Giving you the power of choice. Drivers are our partners.

Rewarding you fairly. Drivers share in freight revenue.

Everyone is family. When you join P&S, you’re not just joining a company, you’re joining a family. At P&S, we value your family and strive to get you home.

Absolute commitment to safety.

Teamwork. All of us – drivers dispatchers and managers – work together as a team.

Want to experience GREAT for yourself? The first step toward becoming a member of the P&S family is to fill out our Flatbed Driver Application.