P&S delivers great. What do you need delivered?

On-time delivery and responsive customer service are our hallmarks. We offer professional and expert flatbed trucking services tailored to your needs. How great is the job we do? According to a 2012 independent survey by Norbridge, Inc., 97% of our customers are satisfied with P&S.

A few great reasons customers choose us:

  • On-time delivery: We know how important it is to deliver your freight on time to a construction site, automotive plant, or oilfield.
  • Safe transportation: Our drivers ensure that your products arrive damage-free.
  • Customer-friendly service: Our staff is dedicated to making you happy. Need to re-route freight or change schedule? We do whatever it takes to resolve issues quickly.
  • Hands-on, visionary leaders: Our management team takes a personal interest in every customer. We are there to meet your day-to-day needs and support your long-term growth.