May 2018 — Flatbed Driver Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to the drivers below for consecutive years without a cargo claim, an accident or workplace injury. Drivers are awarded during the anniversary month in which they were hired.

Drivers are awarded with Drive For Gold points. Please check your DFG balances!

Driver Years
Melvin Gainey, Jr. 18 years
Billy Ellison 11 years
Jeffrey Barnett 10 years
Jesse Dalton 9 years
Otis Lane 8 years
Michael Hardy 6 years
Frederick Hayes 6 years
Denorris Cooper 6 years
Lawrence Prial 6 years
Anthony Green 5 years
Cardero Mackey 5 years
Michael Beecham 5 years
Anthony Jackson 4 years
Rodney Brown 4 years
John Frederick 4 years
Kenneth Norris 4 years
Dana Parker 4 years
Anthony Oliver 3 years
Henry James 3 years
Kalop Bulluck 3 years
Shannon Baker 3 years
Matthew Green 3 years
Marvin Edmonds, Sr. 2 years
George Strickland 2 years
Michael Ward 2 years
Willie Smith 2 years
Jerry Rayes 2 years
John Brailsford 2 years
Rodney Covington 2 years
Christopher Stacy 2 years
Troy Galloway 1 year
Erwin Cook 1 year
Eddie Webb 1 year
Medina Miranda Jose 1 year
Lajarvous Buie 1 year
Antonio Rice 1 year
Carlos Rosa 1 year
Wayne Beasley 1 year
Kevin Davis 1 year
Paul Pitzer 1 year
Billy Kennedy 1 year
Andrew Farley 1 year
Patrick Kubeja 1 year
William Leathers 1 year
Eric Wilkins 1 year
Nathaniel Young 1 year
Percy Lee 1 year
James Thomas 1 year

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